August 2, 2021


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Is This Concern Factory’s New Album Artwork?

Worry Factory’s following album, now 100% operate by guitarist Dino Cazares, seems to be nearing final completion (pardon the oxymoron — it’s correct listed here). The group-funding campaign Cazares released a handful of weeks back to put some finishing touches on the album he and vocalist Burton Seabell recorded alongside one another in 2017 was effectively funded, and the resulting studio work was underway as of September 14 at the latest. And now Cazares has begun teasing what we can only think is the deal with artwork for the next album (or possibly a one from it).

Speaking on Twitter, Cazares’ latest most loved medium for interaction, the guitarist teased, “Something is coming can u guys guess what it is?” together with the subsequent crop complete of incredibly Fear Factory-like imagery:

Afterwards, responding to a admirer who questioned if the artwork was for a remixed album, Dino reported, “A recently combined album but that’s not what I’m marketing in this photograph.”

“Newly mixed album” definitely jives with the timeline of the studio things to do we know he was presently involved in, so all signs issue to the previously mentioned becoming a piece of the up coming Worry Factory album go over.

Will it be known as Monolith, as vocalist Burton Seabell declared in 2018? That continues to be to be noticed, particularly in light of his exit from the band. But we will not be astonished if it is: his vocals will even now show up on the album.

Additional, of program, as we get it.

Seabell abruptly give up the band in late September adhering to a sequence of gatherings that saw guitarist Dino Cazares acquire 100% legal rights to the band’s name after a many years-lengthy lawful struggle. Cazares launched a group-funding campaign to complete the band’s subsequent album, which Burton then identified as a “scam,” distancing himself from the energy, in advance of eventually quitting entirely. Burton then issued a lengthier statement that accompanied his final decision to leave Anxiety Manufacturing facility, and Cazares put out a assertion of his own that still left the doorway open for Burton to rejoin even though also calling out Burton’s “lies, the negativity and the blame.”